trouble free

Trouble Free

Some people cause more trouble than others. Some people don’t cause any trouble at all. But who are the people on the receiving end of the trouble? And what if the tables are turned? Is it still called trouble?

Trouble is when things don’t go the way you want them to. Take note that this is different from how they should go. How things should go is an avoidance tactic used by people who have more trouble than they know what to do with.

It’s all in how you word it.

For instance, “he’s causing a lot of trouble” means he’s bucking the system and needs to be cut down by legal or fiscal action. Some people cause so much trouble they wind up in prison, or in worse-case scenarios, executed. This is a way of lightening the burden of trouble for people in power.

“He’s more trouble than he’s worth” means he can be disregarded without a second thought. These are the people who most often protest that things are not going the way they should.

“He’s a real trouble maker” is a variation on “he’s causing a lot of trouble”. It means he’s someone you have to keep a close eye on and be ready to transfer to the “he’s causing a lot of trouble” category if he goes too far. These people live dangerously, and the opposite sex is attracted to them, which can cause a lot of trouble.

All people who cause trouble are dominated by the people they cause trouble for; the people they cause trouble for are the ones who decide what words mean. You can rail against them until you’re blue in the face, but this will not change the meaning of words. You’ll only get yourself in trouble. Take note that you did this to yourself.

If you understand what I’m saying, the way out of trouble should be apparent to you.

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