the real challenges of life

The Real Challenges of Life

I awoke from a bad dream and found someone had pulled all the plugs. I put one back in the socket and pulled the light string, but nothing happened–someone had unscrewed all the bulbs. I turned on a stove-top burner and lit a cigarette off the glowing coil. I turned on the other burners and things began to feel cozy. I fetched a book from the table and stood close to the stove, reading an analysis of why people throw in the towel.

I began humming as I read. I peeked through the curtain over the kitchen sink as I was filling a pot with water for coffee, and out in the alley a band of dwarfs was cavorting. I let the curtain fall back in place and hoped I hadn’t been spotted. I knew then that I was still dreaming, and if the dwarfs saw me and got into the house before I woke up, I was done for.

These are the real challenges of life that most people are reluctant to talk about.

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