a survival guide for young girls in a sex slave world

A Survival Guide for Young Girls in a Sex Slave World

Run little Sheba
little Sieglinda
sweet child
of the Ozarks
& don’t take
rides from
thin men in
vans with
black tinted


It’s all
out there
in a world
gone flat in
defiance of
gravity &
once you
fall off the edge
the hushed nightmare


These things
you learn by
putting your
hands over
your eyes &
listening to
no one.


Then it
just comes,
like small jolts
of epiphany,
knotted up in


Anyone who can
help you will
turn his head
when you
look his way.
This is a
sign to
follow him
into the shadows.


Do it &
never once
let your
guard down.

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