…so spielt

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  1. Linda King

    I would love to get a look at that new Sweet and Dirty…


    Well, Linda if you ever get around to sending Herr Klaus a reliable snail-mail address, your wish will come true…

  3. Dear John.

    I recieved the Ragged Lion Tribute, Jack Micheline, you know, book via Herr Klaus. A fine piece of work it is. I’m not through yet but there is a line in your introduction where you’re telling about Michelines visit to Buk with the prostitute as present and Buk locking himself inside the bathroom until they were gone again. I read it two days ago. Yesterday in Baldwins “Nobody knows my name” I read that Ingmar Bergman “upon finding guests at his home, [he locked] himself in the bathroom until they left”.
    Strange coincidence. Wie das Leben so spielt…
    Interesting book. You know it?
    Baldwin is affirmating.
    Micheline is my numero uno.

    (would have sent you a mail if I knew adress)

    Oder kannst Du gar Deutsch?

    Mantra 1:

    “Daher nun ist die erste, ja, schon für sich allein beinahe ausreichende Regel des guten Stils diese, dass man etwas zu sagen habe: o, damit kommt man weit!” (Schopenhauer)

    Mantra 2

    “Tritt laut auf. Machs Maul auf. Hör bald auf.”


    in diesem Sinne

    Alles Gute



    Stanley …

    you can email me at dasleben@fairpoint.net.

    Und ja, ich habe ein Bisschen Faehigkeit mit der Deutschen Sprache. Leider hat mein Computer keine Ahnung was ein Umlaut ist!

  5. great moving album of people i wish i cd talk to —

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