getting laid in sobriety


Getting Laid in Sobriety

Is it true she said and I said what do you mean?

Do you have your facts straight she said and I said which is it?

Do you want to sleep with me or not she said and I said that’s a fact.

But is it true she said and I said the truth is I’d lie to make my dreams come true and she said there you go talking about your dreams again you’re always talking about your dreams.

Well what do you think about dreams I said trying to change the subject and she said they’re just dreams.

Well what if life’s a dream I said what then?

You scare me she said and I said what can I do to make things right? I was losing ground fast and selling out left and right.

Answer my question she said it’s a simple question just say yes or no.

No I said. No wait yes. I’m going with yes. Would I lie to you?

It can’t be true if the facts are wrong she said and I blurted out of course it can! before I could stop myself.

Dream on she said and I said ha-ha.

I liked you better when you were drinking she said and I said well fuck you then, which was something I was beginning to see wasn’t likely to happen.

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