facebook eruption

Facebook Eruption

I knocked out a short jab saying Facebook was Moloch in disguise, and it was like shoving a stick into a hornet’s nest.

Some people were offended, some alarmed, and some said they were going to unfriend me and then became confused when they couldn’t. “What’s going on?” they wanted to know. “You’re not even on Facebook!”

One individual demanded I take him off my Shard list and warned me against trying to sneak back into his world by trying to get him to friend me. He said he’d already taken measures to block me from infiltrating his page, and that he had alerted his 2,426 Facebook friends to do the same.

Someone else asked what Moloch was, was it a rap group, and two people said, “Right on, brother!”

One woman asked, “What’s Facebook?” and I emailed her back immediately and asked for her phone number.

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