taking hope to task

Taking Hope to Task

He was frightened by his own shadow. He was frightened by the man in the moon, even tho he knew there was no man in the moon. That was an old-wives tale, a child’s dream of a better world.

He was frightened by the people who were frightened by how frightened he was. He was frightened by their envy over the things fright drove him to, their unwillingness to get off the couch and do likewise.

By the time he got that far he wasn’t frightened anymore, he was pissed, and he made a clean break with convention. Well, not that clean – there was splintered bone and shredded flesh hanging from branches.

Down deep he knew he was no different from most people, but knowing that made him different from most people, which back-pedaled him into fear again.

Just seeing three women in sweat pants yammering away in abrasive voices while walking their dogs past his car was enough to make him hate the whole human race.

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