the threshold of reduction

The Threshold of Reduction

Is there a time to reap and a time to sow? Is time a measurement of space? Is there more space than we have time to measure? Does Stephen Hawking think about time when he’s getting a hand job from a Vegas call girl? Or is he for a split second lost in eternal bliss? How much space does a split second occupy?

Does someone who lives to be 90 travel thru more space than someone who dies at birth? Does time exist at all when you die at birth? Are you born when you die and does time go backwards? If you can measure it going one way, you can measure it going the other.

The longer you live the faster time goes until the day you were born seems like yesterday and then yesterday vanishes.

If you think it it’s real, if you dream it it’s eternal. Eternity, a place where time chases its tail down the rabbit hole.

Am I alone in the black hole of devoured time? Should I wave the white flag? What will I say when they pull me out by the ears and demand explanations?

These things are past the threshold of reduction.

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