challenges never dreamed of


Challenges Never Dreamed Of

I signed on the dotted line. I filled in the blanks. I raised my right hand and took the oath, then I raised my left and cried, “Don’t shoot!”

They shot anyway. Some small print I neglected to read when I was just a child.

I cracked open the wrong books. I read the people who saw what was coming when I should have been paying attention to the people who were what was coming.

I never cared much for politics. Everyday life takes place free of politics, even when the riot police are marching thru peaceful neighborhoods, even when the extermination camps are going full steam. Men keep putting their trousers on one leg at a time, women continue wiggling into tight dresses. Children run wherever they go and dogs drowse on the porch. Supper is at six. Teeth get brushed twice a day and the sun pops up every morning.

When all the above fades, then the battle is truly lost, and those who win it will be faced with challenges they never dreamed of.

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