Is it a good thing or a bad thing
that no one ever dropped it into the
water supply? I think it
doesn’t much matter.


I’ve seen people go
stark-raving mad on
a hit of acid but
I’ve never seen anyone
turn into a sage.


I saw a musician
who never did drugs and
seldom even drank
drop a hit before
going on stage
one night, and
his only comment
at the end of the
last set was:
Then he took a
hit every night
for a year &
after that
never touched
the stuff again.


I saw an artist
change the nature
of his painting
in the middle of
an acid trip;
twenty years later
his new direction
gained him
national recognition.


Samuel Taylor Coleridge
and Edgar Allan Poe were
opium eaters,
and William Butler
Yates did
peyote buttons.


Ken Kesey wrote
one of the
best novels of
the second half
of the
20th centrury
on acid.


The only thing to learn
from all this
is that we are
doomed unless we
create a world in which
if you drop acid,
nothing changes.

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