the unsung hero

The Unsung Hero

What was he like back in the day? He was like Batman without Robin, Wonder Woman with no girdle, Charlie Chaplin with rickets. He was Tarzan with no monkey, Schweitzer locked down in a cell with a single fly, a defrocked priest in a nunnery. He was a sight for sore eyes, someone you let in the back door, the chamber maid’s solace. He was left-handed on weekends and ambidextrous on holidays. He showed up for auditions without reading the fine print and always left bitter.

It was in his dreams that he soared, people laid down their lives for him, he was surrounded by corpses and woke up screaming. He was one of a kind in a world crowded with many more like him, the streets teeming with people, their Superman capes tucked under their street clothes.

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  1. joe grant

    Bennett makes my days. One of a kind. The best.

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