the hair of an old man

The Hair of an Old Man

In the
dream I
gradually notice
that I’m
getting younger.


But the
face itself
is not


It’s the
face of
an alternative
younger me,
someone I
could have


What I’m
mostly taken
with is
the hair.


The hair
is thick &
rich &
pitch black.


I’m in
my house
in the
dream &
there’s a
with me.


I bring
her into
the bathroom
to look
into the
mirror over
the sink.


I want


I don’t
mention the
new face,
I concentrate
on the


I say.
“My hair
has turned
black again.”


“It’s the
she says,
& tilts
my head
so that
the hair
in the
turns gray,
the hair
of an
old man.

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