puppet dance


Puppet Dance

Look beyond
the obvious
for the


Look past
the dreams
of your
into their
monkey brain,
deeper into
the reptilian
further still
into a
thick soup
of molecules,
the birth
place of


I know,
that’s obvious
to someone
who buys
his books
from Amazon
& feels
he’s got
the big


But the
big picture
is a
until you
chip off
a piece &
melt it
down on
your tongue.


That’s what
empathy is,
when your
ribs show
with another
man’s hunger,
when your
heart breaks
with the
death of
his children.


Empathy is
the only
way past
Now you’re
ready for
action ready
to recognize
Evil ready
to give up
the ghost
your summer
place in
the Catskills
& your
ski pass.


Now you’re
ready to
send goats
to Nigeria &
throw down
your gun.


A people
whose debt
is greater
than their
gross national
product are
a people
in bondage.


We’re doing a
puppet dance
that won’t
stop til
the strings
are cut.

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