love at first sight


Love At First Sight

They had a lot in common. They were superficially clever, in their mid-40s with the first streaks of gray in their hair, and they talked non-stop.

They didn’t work. They lived with their mothers and were waiting around for the inheritance.

They got involved in all sorts of causes and took on responsibilities that they never followed thru on. People were always letting them down and accusing them of things.

They met at an Occupy rally in Seattle waiting in line to sign a petition. She was talking a mile a minute to the girl in front of her and he was talking a mile a minute to the man behind him. They overheard each other and stopped talking to the girl and the man and started talking to each other, their sentences overlapping.

Two weeks later they got married and flew to Vegas on the wedding money. They blew it all and then maxed out their mothers’ credit cards.

Later, in their room at the Bellagio, they broke down crying over a bottle of champagne, talking about how other kids laughed at them in grade school.

Then they went down to the lobby and wired their mothers for more money.

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  1. Barbara Moore

    I absolutely adore john bennett’s “love at first sight.”
    great, compact and meaningful storytelling at its best.

  2. “Love at First Sight” is typical John Bennett. His Shards are intros to his many books. One of the many joys of my life is introducing friends to John Bennett’s writing.

    I have never been disappointed.

    “Tribute to Henry Miller” is always close at hand as is “Vagabond Anthology.”

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