the problem

The Problem

Address the
problem undress
the problem
ignore the
grab the
problem by
the horns.

Capitalize on
the problem
spread it
like a
hot pair
of legs
multiply it
like rabbits.

The problem
is everything
pass it
on to
your children.

Consecrate it
raise it
high like
a eucharist.

There you
go now
you’re getting
the hang
of it
see how
rosy life
gets when
you renounce
all you’ve
programmed for?

See how
much you
can turn
loose of
feeling pain?

See the
new face
love wears?

You can
skate on
thin ice
or wax
new car
no one
stop you.

You can
become famous
without raising
a finger.

You can
order sex
toys from
a catalogue
visit dead
friends in
a séance
once you
the problem.

It’s the
soft marrow
in the
white bone
of denial.

Close your
eyes &
let it
rain down
upon you.

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