the sound of silence

Keith Haring | Barking Dogs

The Sound of Silence

I know I
say this
often but
picture this
picture human
beings without
voice boxes
picture them
without fingers
& elbows
picture them
trying to
put their
arms around
each other
picture them
playing bocce
ball cooking
over an
open fire
straight shots
of whiskey.

Picture them
giving birth
having intercourse
watching TV
picture a
stadium full
of them
when a
is made
picture gridlock
& priests
hearing confession.

Picture the
tone deaf
& the
pugilist &
a dust
covered bullhorn
picture a
world without
whispers or
loud cries
picture the
sound of
oceans &
wind &
small birds
in a tree.

Picture dogs
thru the
night &
the silence
at sunrise…

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