guesses on what keeps me tightly wrapped and sane…

Guesses on what keeps me tightly wrapped and sane…

Alas, no one was able to come up with all five of the remaining components besides living alone that keep me wrapped tight and sane. Here is a list of guesses that came in by return email; duplicates were only entered once. Out of the list, three guesses are accurate. If you can guess which of the three, I will send you one book, but you have to pay the postage…

*only comparing yourself to yourself

*understanding limitations.

*howling at reality.

*taking things with a grain of salt and two grains of pepper

*recognizing humor in all things

*hand rolled cigarette

*eating when hungry; sleeping when tired

*keeping mind open — at least a crack

*writing every day.

*honoring imperfection.


*believing in something.

*an expansive view (literally and figuratively) of your high mountain valley.

*pen or pencil and yellow notepad

*appreciation for paradox and the absurd.

*look in the mirror

*water of life

*remember the first time you knew it was the sun shining on your face

*smolder through release

*know the smile of a dog

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