dreaming of a white christmas

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Keep things merry and bright. Don’t stretch your arms across the chasm of history and bring up the unsettling fact that the Crusaders, knights of Christ, a thousand or so years ago, on their way to Jerusalem, butchered whole cities, twenty or thirty thousand souls at a whack, Muslims, Jews and Christians, and on one occasion hung around for a month or so eating the flesh of the vanquished dead, making stew of the less tender and roasting children on spits.* Food was scarce, supply lines weren’t up to today’s standards.

Live in the now, bear down on today’s problem–people who can’t speak English after your job. Don’t get sidetracked by the hundreds of children in places like Afghanistan who get snuffed by drones–what were they doing there anyway, these children, in a village where suspected terrorists went to buy vegetables? What were they doing at Uncle Assad’s wedding? They’re collateral damage, bug splat, ill-informed about trade routes and oil.

Wish them a merry Christmas and then go do your Christmas shopping.

*This is fact.

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