losing it completely

Losing It Completely

After you’ve watched the movie you turn off the TV brush your teeth, climb into bed and forget what movie you watched. Not just the title but actors and plot, the whole thing, which means most likely you didn’t watch a movie, maybe you didn’t even brush your teeth, and then there’s the off chance you’re not in bed, you may just be overworked or preparing to turn yourself in for you haven’t a clue what but you did something that keeps you awake at night. But then you’re not in bed so what does it matter, and why is your breath stale if you brushed your teeth? But never mind, we all know the answer to that one, so why not turn the TV back on, the credits may still be rolling. What? You don’t have a TV?

What will you say when you get there, to the place where people turn themselves in, what if you get lost on the way, and odds are you will, or maybe you’ll make new friends in the process or maybe they’re not new friends but old friends, seriously concerned about your behavior, and maybe they’ll turn you in, but not for the same reason you set out to turn yourself in, remember? You’ll never be free if that happens, so run.

Whoops, not a good idea. You’re running blind and drawing attention to yourself, people are snatching up their small children and holding them tight and staring at you like you’re crazy.

This is the point at which most of us lose it completely.

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