fighting the good fight

Fighting the Good Fight

Accepting misery
accepting the
unacceptable excepting
the intolerable.

Switch an
E for
an A
drop a
C add
an X
& you’ve
got an
equation to
take your
mind off
your shortcomings
off your
dismembered dreams
something to
rip time
asunder like
a thunder
clap shrink
space like
plastic in
hot boiling
water make
mother’s milk

& you
do it
of course
your options
are minimal
& then
there’s a
knock on
the door
& you
you’re a
frying pan
you will
black crows
from the
sky &
fat worms
out of
the brown
grass your
eyes rattle
like marbles
& there’s
no one
to share
this with
no one
to take
your hand
no one
to parrot
zigzag existence.

There’s only
one knock
& then
God knows
what becomes
of them
nothing good
that’s for
sure but
what were
they hoping
for anyway,
refuge in
the eye of
the hurricane?

You can
fight the
good fight
until the
cows come
home but
then you’re
struck down
& forgotten.

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