planning for the future

Planning for the Future

One day
I’ve got
20-20 vision
the next
I’ve got
bifocals &
then my
wife divorced
me for
no reason
other than
I was
a drunk
& did
all the
unsavory things
drunks do
& then
my knees
went out
& I got

Not being
one to
roll over
& die
I stopped
being a
drunk &
had a
string of
women twenty
& thirty
years younger
than me
& then
my back
went out
& my
arteries started
exploding &
now there’s
not a
woman in
sight &
I got
lured into a
free trial
on a
system with
a free
lunch at
thrown in.

My sense
of smell
has been
shot for
a long
time but
I can
still touch
my toes
& the
last time
I checked
I could
still dance.

I’ll be
75 in
three weeks
& people
are hinting
I should
write a
will &
not forget
all they
did for
me over
the years.

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