shifting priorities in the barnyard


Shifting Priorities in the Barnyard

Hens riding


Cows mating
with pigs.


Ducks in
the high
branches of
the sycamore


Goats ramming
their way
thru the


Blame it
on Monsanto
on three
billion dead
honey bees
on the
failed corn
crop on
genetic soy
beans &
on cell
phone radiation.


Dial M
for murder
911 for
a fiscal
report wire
home for
a bank
loan use
your best


Don’t tell
me I’m
not making
sense take
a look
at yourself
empty your
pockets &
explain the
gum wrappers
& pennies
the small
red pills.


Then spin
twice &
head for
home under
a dark
cloud straight
thru the
back door
& up
the stairs
to your
room where
the truth
covered in
stale blood
& bruises
from a
wall hook.


Shrug your
say There
wasn’t a
whole lot
I could
do about
it then
take a
cold shower
turn on
the TV &
call out
for pizza.

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