postponing the inevitable

*(see “Sliding Down Into the Behavioral Sink” The Pump House Gang, Tom Wolfe)

Postponing the Inevitable

Curved space
wrinkled time
the readymade
lifestyle the
Behavioral Sink*
the cancelation
of Lebensraum
we aren’t
what we
eat we’re
what we
out of
thin air,
miracles pulped
into romance,
sex drive
euphemized a
step further
Oedipus gone
gay as
a daisy
the Dead
Mothers grossing
high on
the music

Freeze me
up like
sliced carrots
thaw me
out when
the fad
has passed
leave some
so I’ll
know what
to look
for something
that lays
down at
night &
whispers sweet
daddy when
the lights
go out.

I don’t
want much,
just a
from gridlock.

Genocide is
how we
postpone the

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