cold dreams of the afterlife

Cold Dreams of the Afterlife

Fate is centrifugal force.

Success is amoral.

The naked truth is a constant.

Society is a patchwork of barriers.

Play the game and prepare for a hero’s welcome: success at last.

Sanity is a norm word for cruelty.

Acceptance devastates success.

Destruction is a diversion.

Progress is synonymous with time.

Compromise is the only path to success: welcome the hero!

The survival instinct is the root cause of fear.

The naked truth will destroy you.

Fate is synonymous with death.

Death is the naked truth.

Life is the fear of death.

Nobility is the escape valve for black promise.

Can you sense it out there, the hooded cobra of the absolute, beyond the scope of our spastic twitches and turns? We confuse it with suffering.

Dance orbits atonement and even dance gets defiled–the two-step, the waltz, the grand march on coronation day.

We are not lovely.

We are beyond wishful thinking.

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