dead-end evolution

Dead-end Evolution

I’m a
throwback an
uneatable fish
a beach
ball in
summer a
with an
outsized brain
someone they
held back
in the
first grade
a prophet
with a
ticking clock
in his
a Romeo
with a
long list
of Juliets a
dancing fool
a pinch
hitter on
a losing
streak someone
with no
spare time
a secret
agent in
a diminishing

I’m ready
to die
are you
or have
you still
got a
trick up
your sleeve
prolonged misery
stuck away
in a
safe place
vitamins in
the hem
of your
wedding dress?

Well carry
on then
wheel out
the Trojan
Horse travel
back in
time like
a blind
look for

You’re the
last verse
in a
nonsense rhyme
in a
dead-end evolution.

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