the pygmy revolt

The Pygmy Revolt

You’re either on the bus or in a cab. Heading across town to a tryst or off to work. Dreaming the dream or living the life. Short-changing blind monks or leading pygmies in revolt.

Well, maybe it’s not that cut-and-dry. Maybe you’re just sitting at home watching TV and shoveling in the pizza. Maybe your dreams aren’t fulfilled, your bones made of iron. Maybe you’ll never soar like an eagle and wind up with a chauffeur or a mistress or a goose that lays golden eggs. Maybe your wife will never divorce you or your children grow up to be champions.

Breakfast of champions – a straight shot of bourbon with a beer chaser followed by a Camel straight. See how the world comes into focus, your dreams resurrect covered in hoarfrost, the mirror tells you lies you can live with?

People who nag you to become well-adjusted never lived in your skin. They have a cockeyed take on what life’s about. Always tip your hat to them, give up your seat on the bus, relinquish the cab to their crazed destinations.

This will buy you time to get in touch with the pygmies and start the revolt.

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