an old man defies death with a snow shovel


An Old Man Defies Death with a Snow Shovel

It snowed
all night
the temp
dropped to
zero the
moon came
out &
the alarm
went off.


He rolled
out of
bed into
his clothes
put on
his boots
lit a
cigarette &
went out
the door
into darkness.


He smiled
at the
moon in
the maple
tree snapped
up the
shovel &
stepped off
the porch,
straight to
the sidewalk
cut left
& shoveled
clear to
the corner,
U-turned &
shoveled back
to his


A stabbing
pain under
his rib
cage made
him light-
headed &
he fell
in the snow.


He let
the good
give him
& then
rolled on
his back,
made a
snow angel
lit another
flirted with
the moon
some more
stood up
& continued.


Back in
the house
he stood
with a
cup of
black coffee
in the
dark staring
out the
window at
the snow,
in moonlight.

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