the whole world is curled in a nuance

The Whole World Is Curled in a Nuance

Stating the
obvious is
not the
same as
laying your
cards on
the table.

Insulting the
King of
Siam will
not guarantee
you safe
passage to India.

Sinking enemy
ships is
not a
pastime it’s
a patriotic

They give
medals for
it &
pay bonuses.

I hope
you’re writing
this down.
I’m only
going to
say it
once &
then I’m
out of here.

Walk tall,
go on
living in
obscurity —
it’s bad
for the
liver &
generates hives.

Get a grip.

Speak your
mind before
the night
goes up
in flames.

Can’t you
smell the
burning tar
of urgency?

The whole
world is
curled in a
waiting to
spring into

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