searching for the answer

Searching for the Answer

Information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, wisdom is not enlightenment, enlightenment is not the vast indivisible whiteness of All Knowingness, none of these things including the vast indivisible All Knowingness means anything, and your knowing that means nothing, but if you sense it you’re getting close, closer anyhow, maybe sixteen trillion lightyears from the place where you say, “Ah!” and start the journey in earnest.

And you wonder why women marry me and divorce me and abort my children, pretend to not recognize me in the grocery store, why little children clap their hands and laugh when I pop up out of nowhere, why I’m not invited to parties, why doctors and priests can’t look me in the eye, why cats jump up in my lap, why I play music by ear.

There are layers and layers and layers, all meant to be stripped away, nothing’s meant to be learned, it’s all meant to be forgotten until your slate is empty of concepts, hunches and connivances.

It’s all right there and always has been and always will be, even as we sink into the blackness of our strange little machines.

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