me & my angels

Me & My Angels

How many
angels have
two left
feet &
can they
still dance
on a
pin head?

Just how
big are
angels anyway?

Do they
have natural

Where do
they go
when they
cash in
their chips?

Back to heaven?

On to
the next

Up to
their room
in the

How many
people meet
the love
of their
life in
an elevator?

Do they
have sex
& bring
forth an

I’ve gone
places where
angels fear
to tread.

They catch
the first
plane out
of there
when they
see me
angels don’t
have wings
to fly with.

See what
happens when
you take
their wings

You no
longer know
what they
look like.

let me
draw you
a picture.

I fell
in love
with an
angel on
an elevator
in Vegas.

We rode
all the
way to
the top
& then she
flew away.

She had
after all.

I went
back down
to the
& put
all my
chips on
That was
it for
me &
the angels.

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