truth & fiction

Truth & Fiction

Truth is
fiction fiction
truth they
interface &
overlap they
contradict &
confirm they
unleash a
furious grievance
they clean
up after
the band’s
done playing
they make
house calls &
double back
the good
cop &
the bad
the hereafter
& the
& no
they’re not
the same
in spite
of your
supposition dreams
& ex-wives.

Go ahead
give it
your best
shot see
if you can
make me
stand still.

& then
came silence
on the
heels of
the uproar
rain squalls
& confusion
the fat
man with
the megaphone
the regrouping.

All I
want to
do is
play music
sleep late
& count
my toes
in the
dry myself
with a
Turkish towel.

I won’t
settle for
just anything
after the
wars &
the victories
the ticker-tape
& the
rolling tanks.

I have
my pride
& my
I have
a sweetheart
in Albania
I’ve got
my head
on the
chopping block
my fist in
the air.

This is
how they
raised me
back on
the farm
before I
marched off
to save
the world
I’ve got
no use
for defiance
& yes
I’m just
a little
bit dangerous.

But here
I stand
with my
heart exposed
waiting for
someone to
dare me.

Could it
be you?

Are you
the one?

Have you
been listening

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