it’s not too late

It’s Not Too Late

Every now and then I email a short excerpt from my novel Tire Grabbers to everyone under the sun to see if it rings any bells.

I mailed an excerpt just this morning, maybe you read it.

Maybe you read it but aren’t reading this because it rang a bell and you hit the road, leaving a lot of unpaid bills behind.

Maybe you’re on your way to the Dark City right now to make contact with the Tire Grabbers.

Look, I’m sorry about my poor response to the initial swell of response when the book first came out. The thing is they got wind of it and abducted me. They injected something into my blood that made my arteries explode, then they hauled me off in an ambulance and slit me open from sternum to groin under the pretext of saving my life. But what they did was rearrange some things and eliminated others. Then they sewed me back up and sent me home.

It was almost a year before I managed to put myself together again, and by that time everyone had lost heart.

But listen, what’s in the book is all true, every word of it. Those of you who made it to the Dark City, don’t despair. The Tire Grabbers will find you, and then you’ll know what to do. It’s not too late.

Please note: Tire Grabbers is available as Book, e-Book, CD and as download in format MP3 as an Audio Book by clicking here…

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