lay your head on my shoulder

Lay Your Head on My Shoulder

Men thought
of him
as a
woman &
women thought
of him
as a
man &
they all
wanted to
lay their
head on
his shoulder.

It left
him confused.

was he?

were they?

He began
having strange
thoughts &
androgynous dreams.

He cancelled
his subscription
to Playboy.

He traded
in his
suit for
a toga
& a
red fez
& lost
his job on
Wall Street.

He cashed
in his
savings &
stocks &
went on a
Caribbean cruise.

He had
an affair
with a

He converted
to Catholicism
then Judaism
& finally
a Muslim.

He became
a spiritual

He began
lifting weights
& covered
his torso
& thighs
with tattoos
of dolphins.

He abandoned
his wife
& children.

Everyone who
knew him
said they
understand what
had happened
to him,
but secretly
they all
wanted to
lay their
head on
his shoulder.

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