death of the popcorn queen

Death of the Popcorn Queen

I’m sorry
about the
Popcorn Queen,
sorry about
her untimely


But her
timing was
always off.


She mismanaged
her kernels.


She went
overboard on
the salt
& too
light on
the butter.


We’ll see
now just
how much
she carried.


Will attendance
fall off
at the


Will Dough
write a
book about
their romance?


Will Monsanto
make amends?


It’s a
world we
live in.


is raging
on Twitter
& Facebook.


New blogs
are springing
up everywhere
praising the
Popcorn Queen.


She’s even
on the
cover of
Rolling Stone.


And so
it goes.


For awhile
at least.


Until another
Beatle dies
or Beyoncé
gets it
on with

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  1. I am a self proclaimed popcorn queen. I love it. The way it smells when it’s popping in the microwave can make me swoon.

    Okay, that’s carrying it too far. I do, however, think, popcorn should be in one of the main food groups. After all, it does contain fiber and it is made from corn!

    One thing you need to avoid is burning the popcorn – something I learned a few times! Unfortunately, those times occurred in the winter when I couldn’t open the windows.

    Have you ever smelled burnt popcorn? The smell is horrible. The best way I can describe it is that it reminds me of burnt toast, only worse.

    I know popcorn can be fattening when you add butter and salt, but if
    you make it without the butter and salt, it’s fine. My problem is that I can do
    without the butter, but not the salt.

    Well, problem solved… I use sea salt!

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