why peoples fear beggars

Why People Fear Beggars

I received an appointment by the king, or from the king, I never could keep it straight which, which is why I wound up in the dungeon. It’s not a good idea to get on the wrong side of the king.

You’re probably wondering about now, “What the fuck is he talking about? What king?”

I was appointed by the king, let’s leave it at that, given a mission. I had to take an oath, or swear an oath, it was so long ago I forget which, I – look, do you think I had a choice? Do you think I’d be here right this minute sitting against this fence if I could be doing something else? Like pouring oil down an elephant’s throat? Chopping carrots? Raising children? Fighting wars?

And what are you doing here, dropping coins in my dog’s cup, what’s your mission? Have you been sent to gather intel, take stock, wave a white hanky in the air and call out, “Yoo-hoo?” Are you a fugitive from the king’s justice? Is it time to unsheathe my broad sword?

You’re a serf in a lost kingdom, that’s what you are. You’ve been stripped bare of civility.

Go down on one knee. Prepare to be knighted.

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