the threshold of fear

The Threshold of Fear

There are physical, emotional and mental cripples, and no, an emotional cripple is not the same as a mental cripple, what makes you think that? You’re obviously not a cripple.

If I said that a physical cripple stands a good chance of becoming a mental cripple you’d probably say, “Yeah, that’s right,” just to get me off your back, but you’d be wrong. It’s possible though for a physical cripple to become an emotional cripple, but since you can’t tell one from the other I won’t try to explain.

The worst thing a cripple can do is try to become otherly-abled. That’s the non-crippled world’s way of trying to steal your thunder. You’re a threat to the non-crippled world, and so they try to erase you.

Don’t let them!

Take the world by storm!

I’m talking here to the emotional and physical cripple. The mentally crippled don’t have the smarts to turn the tables on non-cripples. But be charitable toward them. They’re family.

Here’s the advantage physical and emotional cripples (the ones who haven’t buckled) have over non-cripples – they’ve gone beyond fear. And they did it by years of endurance and a lifetime of over-achievement. Quite often they’re artists, musicians and poets. Often business tycoons and world leaders.

Just look at the history of the Roosevelt clan. Afflicted with polio, acute asthma, clinical depression, alcoholism and inbreeding they generated warriors and statesmen (including two Presidents) and transformed the social fabric of an entire nation.

The only thing wrong with the word cripple is the definition non-cripples give it, non-cripples who never crossed the threshold of fear and came out the other side.

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