another way to get thru life

Another Way to Get Thru Life

Don’t sweat
the small
stuff the
other guy
& his
woman with
the hairlip
his children
with conjunctivitis.

Don’t walk
around waving
fig leaves
& white
flags don’t
answer the
phone or
turn on
the porch

Pack heat
keep a
low profile.

Expect nothing
& be
ready for

Work on
your smile.

Don’t count
your blessings
why pretend?

dine out.

Pay no
attention to
your dreams
shake them
out with
the bed

If you
no longer
have bed
sheets if
things have
come to
that I
don’t know
what to
tell you.

for rain
a blizzard
or a
if you’re
in Kansas.

Click your
heels you
know the

Join forces
with a
wicked witch.

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