he dreamed of cougars

He Dreamed of Cougars

He was
always dreaming
about something
& now
it was

He didn’t
know anything
about cougars
he wasn’t
even sure
what color
they were
if they
were ill-tempered
or endangered.

So what
was he
doing dreaming
about them
what did
that say
about how
things were
going in
his life?

It wasn’t
like he
dreamed about
them every
night it
was just
this one
night &
he might
never dream
about them
again he
might never
dream about
anything again
from here
on out
his sleep
might be
white silence.

Maybe there’s
nothing left
once you
start dreaming
of cougars
maybe the
line between
awake &
vanishes &
you wander
through a
no man’s
land where
doors slam
or shut
softly where
sound disappears.

He didn’t

He just
didn’t know
about anything

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