there is no problem, there are no mistakes


There Is No Problem, There Are No Mistakes

The weather’s been rough, health on a down slide, progeny thinking it sees weakness and is moving in for the kill (foolish progeny), and the Emptiness out of which all color and form evolve and eventually dissolve back into is seeming more and more the way things are.

Still I try to keep spirit-enhancing rituals intact, and here I sit under a shade tree (the hill is blistering) with my mocha and cigarettes (things spiritually-enhancing are indifferent to what’s good for the body), but no yellow pad, I forgot to bring the yellow pad, so I’m writing in a cramped script in the tiny pamphlet in which I keep track of work mileage.

I realize there may be people reading this who don’t know the history of the yellow pad, the mocha and the cigarettes and the hill, and I suspect there are even more people than that not reading this who don’t know that history. But all of them, reading this or not, are on my Shard email list to which I send my writing as it materializes out of the Emptiness, and some of you reading this and some of you not reading this will know or not know what a Shard is.

I have no opinion or judgement about the Shard list and the people in orbit around it, whether they know they’re in orbit or not, I have no expectations, the thing runs on its own steam. It’s nice to finally realize this. I’m out of the driver’s seat, and now I spend my time doing random things while waiting to arrive at my destination, which is my origin.

There is no problem. There are no mistakes. And if you’d like off the Shard list, it’s too late.

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