things she’s never experienced


Things She’s Never Experienced

The remains of the day. Dangling entrails and an eye on tomorrow. Once they decimated Detroit they had the whole world by the throat. A few decades of lip service against a backdrop of sitcoms and they became too big to fail. And this is just the beginning.

A world of dwindling heroes. Superman stripping down to his cape in a cell phone, flying off thru virtual reality where Facebook is stronger than kryptonite. “Up and away,” he whispers, no longer sure of himself. Lois Lane runs off with a banker.

To think I lived thru the Sixties. The Fifties too and the Forties. I once saluted a flag and told my sins to a priest. I hear you can do that on line now, get heaven-sent absolution. I hear that God is on facebook and has a shitload of friends. I hear a lot of stuff just hanging out on the corner.

Out comes the blowtorch, a way to mark off territory. A way to remember the Nam.

It’s been sixteen years since I last flew on an airplane. Twenty-four since I gambled in Vegas and ran drugs thru customs. Now I have a car without computer chips. You have to roll the windows down with your hand.

I’m followed wherever I go. They pretend to be talking on cell phones when I turn and glare at them. They call me up in the middle of the night and mimic canaries. There’s not much they won’t try. They built a clone of my granddaughter but it malfunctioned and went berserk in a shopping mall.

“That’s not me,” my granddaughter said, watching the trial on TV. “I would never plead guilty.”

“The world is a dangerous place,” I said, and she went up in smoke.

There’s so much that she’s never experienced.

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