watching the enemy


Watching the Enemy

I’m watching
the enemy
I row
his children
around the
Cape of
Good Hope
I open
laundries in
plush neighborhoods
& starch
his white
shirts put
on blackface
& take
him on
safari lead
him to
the lions
& cheetahs
rub the
shoulders in
the tent
at night.


I teach
him tennis
& elocution
work on
his cars
clean his
pool dredge
the ocean
for his
shark fin


I wear
a tuxedo
when the
need calls
a suit
of armor
if I
have to
mud wrestle
with his


I sail
his yacht
cook gourmet
the silver.


When the
lights go
out &
the thunder
claps &
the wind
lashes the
rain I
sit by
his bedside
& hold
his trembling
white hand.


It won’t
be long
before he
can’t live
without me.

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