pigging out on language


Pigging Out on Language

You know what a glutton is? A glutton is someone who sings thru his stomach. I know that’s not what you were raised to believe, but I’m fed up with the way I was raised. I’m going to work language over with a club.

A glutton is someone who sings thru his stomach and vocal chords are for digesting food. Haymakers are cowboys and cowboys are freaks of nature making ends meet in carnival sideshows between the bearded lady and the wild man from Borneo.

Language is tactile thought and thought is elicit infiltration.

Gamma rays are ham hocks and legs are oak trees.

Parents are plants without roots.

Ramrods are for drilling into the heart of obscurity.

Small letters are big letters people have lost faith in and hyphens are swords to skewer presumption.

Drainage pipes are the square root of free association.

This is getting me nowhere.

It’s too late to make the world over with a new vocabulary.

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