do you understand this language?


Do You Understand This Language?

How things start coming apart after a certain point and you fall back on resources you never knew you had and do have because of a string of short circuits in your language that went down a long long time ago and took you out of the flow.

Let me elaborate. Let me explain. Let me take a crack at the impossible. Let me stumble around in the dark with a flashlight without batteries. Pretend there’s light, just a beam of it. Pretend it points the way. Unless you can pretend you’re lost in the woods. Here comes the wolf dressed up in grandma’s nightie. Toss him an apple from that make-believe basket, a string of grapes. Keep moving, don’t look back. Pretend it’s your birthday, pretend you’ll be home in time to blow out the candles, pretend you don’t feel queasy in the pit of your stomach since this started.

There’s a black ogre settling down over everything that’s different from all the ogres that came before it, it pits the smooth skin of awareness and mars the face of history, which is the way we discovered to tell the lie.

I’m sorry, but this is the only language that can pull back the curtain, a short-circuited language left dormant, unchanged while the skyscraper of the phantom of progress went up in layers of brick, mortar and titanium and we discovered zero and shot things into the moon and began walking around in a virtual reality talking in digits.

Today’s chaos is different from the chaos that came before it, it’s the ultimate chaos, it’s the black ogre that is devouring the last of the false dream of what we began to think we were when we wrapped our fist around a club and rolled out across the savanna on wheels, heading off to our suicide.

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