six-person fan club

Six-Person Fan Club

I have a six-person fan club. Three men, two women and a cross-dresser. The news came in the mail, a hand-written letter on a sheet of legal-sized yellow paper, crossouts and all. A simple notification of their existence without giving away their names or location, only their sex and proclivities, along with a catchy bumper sticker that they’re hoping will sell like hotcakes. That’s how they phrased it–sell like hotcakes.

The syntax of the letter shows strong Shard influence. Not feigned influence, synthesized. I don’t know if this means the Shards they’ve read affirmed what was already in them or fundamentally changed what they once had been. Either way, affirmation or transformation, it’s a strong one-two punch. It seems they really get the message, these three men, two women and a cross-dresser.

Shall I incorporate their letter into this Shard, or would that be a transgression? This is new turf for me, the ball’s in my court and I want to return it properly. Maybe I should wait and see.

Chances are the fan club is tapped into my email outlet. Probably not on the direct receiving end, but further down the line, one or two forwards removed. Perhaps, upon reading this, they’ll send another letter saying, “Sure boss, go for it, let the whole world hear what we have to say!”

So if you’re one of those who regularly forward Shards, don’t make this one an exception. I know, it sounds a little like a chain letter, but then again, a literary revolution may be close at hand.

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