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Ann Cilley

Hi George.
Do you
remember me?
We fought over
Ann Cilley
out behind
the backstop.
You were the
captain of the
soccer team &
I was the
new kid
in school.
Your friend Billy
blind-sided me
with a
thunderbolt right
after our
fight had
ground to
a halt.
That’s the
only time
I’ve been
hit so hard
I saw stars.


Somehow that
won me
Ann Cilley who
four months later
ran my
father’s new
Pontiac thru a
fruit stand.
That cost me
a bundle &
turned Ann Cilley
over to
your friend
Billy who
stuttered like
a goat &
became the


You & I
were both
better off
without Ann,
although we
didn’t know
it then.


I’m writing now
because I
heard about
stepping on
that mine
in Nam.
I wanted to
ask if
you’re as
pissed off
as me
about all the
lies they
threw at us
in school.


And if you
ever hear
from Ann.

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