attention! alert! alarm!


Attention! Alert! Alarm!

They’re just around the corner. You can hear them whispering. Cackling. Nothing good comes out of the dark night around the corner when the cackling starts. Thumb thru your self-help book. Does any of it look familiar? Threatening? If so, put a match to it. Rely on others. Whistle thru your teeth, they’ll come running with passages highlighted in pink.

Forget what you think you remember about the color pink. How you got a boy instead of a girl and dressed him in pink anyway. And then all the things he did at the age of 12. Put it out of your mind that you haven’t visited in years, and he’d be 36 now.

Water under the bridge. Crushed unreasonable hopes. Convert to Catholicism, the Green Party, the Tea Party down the Rabbit Hole with the Queen of Hearts. Enter with your hat in your hand. Don’t mention your pink son in lockdown. Say you did your best, throw yourself at the Queen’s feet. You’re safe now from the flow of things. What a surprise to learn that you’re saner than they are, children of a short-lived future.

See? You’re not quite as bad as you thought you were.

Buy the house a round and tell them about your struggles.

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