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The revised second edition of Tire Grabbers, speculative fiction that goes beyond Orwell and Huxley, projecting a future into which we are rapidly moving. It is the story of Moloch, a horrific force beyond good and evil that mutates out of the modern world and begins feeding on spiritual marrow, threatening Mankind’s extinction. And it is the story of the children who challenge Moloch, with their innocence and with an army of mind creatures that they tirecover500eject into the outer world and call (for reasons that become evident as the plot thickens) Tire Grabbers. The first edition attracted a cult following and received ravereviews. Please click here… or the cover above if you are interested in buying this book.

Also available in e-book format for $9.00 from Metropolis/Outlaw Poetry. Use the following link and scroll to the bottom of the page for e-book ordering information.

This, then, was the dawning of the Third Great Era of humanity. The Age of Innocence had erupted into the Era of the Great Schism, and now Moloch was radiating out over the earth like the shadow from an eclipsed sun — colorless, invisible, neither good nor evil, without conscience or consciousness, devouring spiritual marrow and washing it down with darkness.

The transition from the Era of the Great Schism into the Reign of Moloch had been building incrementally since Moloch began surfacing from its dormant state at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. In the Hard World, where evil was the prime mover, self-induced mind manipulation blinded the Hunters to what was taking place, and in the Secret Place, where the Dreamers took it as a given that goodness prevailed, the blind spot was the result of a complacency that they took for serenity. As a result, no one anywhere saw coming what had now arrived — the full awakening of Moloch.

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