reasons to keep on keeping on


Reasons to Keep on Keeping On

There’s the idiotic “yes/no” crowd and the smug “well maybe so” crowd and the all-knowing “we’ve looked into the matter in depth and we have the answers” crowd. And then there’re the loose cannons.

I fancy the loose cannons. They’re hard if not impossible to nail down, in what they say and what they do. As often as not what they say does backflips and barrel rolls right out of the arena of givens, and what they do pulverizes assumptions; what they do for a living shifts like desert sand – usually they render a service of some kind and then they’re gone. Many of them are musicians, some are artists, and a handful write; but they all just live and keep on the move.

This morning, while finishing up a window job, a loose cannon came swinging around the corner, threw his hands up and cried out, “Ho! I haven’t seen you in a coon’s age! Hey, how do I get hold of your Rug Burn CD? Man, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played that for a roomful of people. ‘Listen to this,’ I say. ‘Here’s how it goes down.’ It blows their minds every time! But man, a few months ago someone ripped it off.”

“Swing by the house,” I told him. “I’ll lay one on you.”

“We live way the hell and gone out in the Manashtash,” he said. “Hardly ever get to town.”

“Well, you’re here now,” I said. “I’ll leave a Rug Burn on the porch.”

“You’re the man!” he said, lifted me off the ground in a bear hug, swung me around, slammed me back to earth and moved on down the street.

I just now put the CD on the porch, along with the audio book for Tire Grabbers and a copy of The Book of Shards.

These are my readers, and all the inspiration I need to keep on keeping on…

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