the roof caved in

The Roof Caved In

The roof caved in. The top of my skull sank into my brain, disrupting who knows what.

There are those who think they have a pretty good idea what. They’ve done studies. They’ve produced images of the brain, some of them three-dimensional, using all sorts of imaging devices. And they’ve sliced up the brains of dead people and studied them. Little by little they’ve come to understand the brain, these people, but like with the universe itself, there’s still a long way to go.

Nevertheless, what’s been observed has been used to establish medical procedures and has helped keep law and order by deciding who should go to prison and who should get electrocuted. Who should be put on a nut ward and who should be set free.

What we have here is the brain studying the brain.

Just how much about itself do you think the brain is willing to reveal?

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