little buckaroo disappears in a heartbeat

Little Buckaroo Disappears in a Heartbeat

To disappear in a heartbeat. I did it once, and I’ve not been the same since.

A shrink told me that I only imagined it, but she was young and half naked at the time and not thinking clearly.

“It never happened, Little Buckaroo,” she said, “that strange journey into a heartbeat.”

That’s what she called me when she was aroused, Little Buckaroo.

“You’re dreaming options,” she said. “No good can come from looking for Shangri-La in a heartbeat.

“Oh!” she said. “Touch me there!”

And I did. I touched her there and everywhere, and I took her to Shangri-La.

Once you disappear in a heartbeat, women fall from the night sky like stars.

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